The revolutionary eco-material
For rapid construction of homes in molded wood

The product

mBio 7 is a molded wooden panel with more than 90% of wood coming from recycling. It is a natural product , biosourced, reproducible, transportable and economical.

Fire test

The assembly

The assembly of these panels, by interlocking , screwing and filling with cellulose, straw, wool, earth, concrete or any other material , allows the assembly, blocking, insulation and finishing of walls, partitions, floors, siding, and vaults roofs of houses, in a simple and scalable way. It is a simple and secure concept

The principe

The pressurization of the zones called A with concrete, agglomerate of wood or compressed earth prevents the panels to move apart and will allow the filling of the zones B by any insulation materials available , such as cellulose, straw, wool, earth, concrete etc ... It is a simple and secure concept.